Room Dividers Leeds

Room Dividers Leeds

Room Dividers Leeds

Welcome!  Ok, we’re not from Leeds but we’ve had lots of Leeds clients so stay with us! We are a small team of Artist/designers manufacturing lightweight room dividers, blinds, curtains and upholstery. Several of our room dividers projects have been featured on national TV – see the clips from the Chelsea Flower Show (BBC2) and Sarah Beeny’s Channel 4 programme showing our room dividers which resulted in 10,000 website hits after only 4 minutes of exposure!

Our Japanese ‘Shoji’ panels are immensely popular, requiring only a top headrail track which can be hung like curtains or top-fixed from a lintel or even a suspended ceiling, and we can employ almost any fabric or paper with the lightweight Obeche timber frames of our room dividers, so if you don’t fancy an Oriental look then you can go for something different- maybe a Moroccan or Aztec design? Room dividers with a difference!

The room dividers are all hand-made, and the panels glide easily, stacking in front of each other, and can be removed in seconds. Most fabrics that we use for room dividers  are easy to clean- we even have some that are impervious to water and can be steam cleaned! Look through our photo gallery where you can see just a few fabrics, from polyesters to pure silk.

Needless to say, we also make ‘normal’ room divider panel blinds using both blind fabrics and curtain materials- we have 5,000 fabrics to choose from; all are fine for installation within and in front of windows and all but the heaviest are ok for room dividers if it’s a suspended ceiling.

We don’t have Leeds Showrooms, but we cover the Leeds area every other week, so call us now on 0115 9674477  or visit to see the best bespoke room dividers!

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  1. Monica Laria says:

    I would like to get some information about shoji panels, prices, installation…I do live within Leeds area and looking to divide my open space kitchen. Thank yoy

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